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Employee background screening

Pre-Employment reports can be delivered in seconds.

An employment background check is especially important for positions where an employee is entrusted with large sums of money. A history of bankruptcy and other financial difficulties may be deemed relevant before hiring employees in these cases, and periodic checks on these personnel may warranted after they are hired.

Employers also need to verify the accuracy and completeness of a job application. Employment reports are especially good for this, because, typically, they show former addresses and former employment.

A credit report tells you
Public records: Bankruptcies
Prior addresses and jobs
Current and past financial problems
Where else they've applied
Application discrepancies
Aliases and other background information

Discrepancies between the report and a job application, while not always an indication of omissions or untruthfulness, are always worth checking out by a responsible employer. In these cases, and in all cases for some positions, it may be prudent to also check the employee's criminal history for the sake of your business, and for legal liability concerns.

Each of the three credit repositories have specialized employee prescreening reports you can order online, and see within seconds. In addition, human resources applications can benefit from available software that integrates background checking services with the HR-XML interface.

Sign-up for credit bureau membership so that you can request employment background checks.


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